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21 Top 2021 Digital Marketing Myths

Naperville Digital Marketing-
I’m Jerry a business owner outside Chicago and get asked many great questions daily. Below are the ones I feel are the top marketing myths every business owner should know.
Food for thought…accounting has a standard audit why doesn’t digital marketing?
1. How do I know if my marketing is working? That question points to its likely not working ;^)
2. What is the best type of marketing? Referrals and networking (outbound) then (inbound) Google. Being found by your services, not just your business name organically “not paid”.
3. What is SEO? Search Engines Optimization is the process of following Google’s best practices to outrank your competition for keywords.
4. Is Dex, YP, Yelp, mailings, BBB, extra websites, etc… help with leads? No, the majority of your marketing efforts aren’t measured properly. A quarter of your marketing spend can be canceled with minimum lead generation loss.
5. How do you know if the work agreed upon is completed? Everything has a before and after. Get the before, before the work starts and proof of after (completed).
6. Jerry, where do you spend your money advertising as an agency? It’s constantly changing monthly as we pursue better ROI true to agile marketing.
7. Is WordPress better for Google SEO than a non-WP site? No, but it is easier to work on SEO services and blog posts on WordPress.
8. What is a marketing audit? A readout of all your digital marketing efforts and insights into what isn’t working and your lowest hanging fruit.
9. Isn’t that what Google Analytics does? No, it’s just another piece in the puzzle often interpreted incorrectly.
10. Jerry, why is my competition always showing up in searches and I’m not? They likely have some type of SEO strategy in place or are just got lucky. Three things in SEO help you to “be found”, that is content/blogs, SEO backlinks, and proper SEO website setup (best practice).
11. What type of marketing should I do? Being found on Google searches for free is a good place to start.
12. What does an organic lead mean? Free Google leads, think the top of page 1 for search.
13. Do competitors click on my Google Ads? Yes, some industries are as high as 20%.
14. What is keyword tracking? Finding the most searched words for your type of services.
15. Do blogs help SEO. Yes, if done correctly relating again to keywords that you can rank for against your competition.
16. How do I rank for keywords? Write a better article than those that are ranking in your areas of business and follow 3 steps.
17. Where do most leads come from? 92% Google 6% Facebook 2% other
18. Is a fast website important? Yes, a slow website is a dead website (high drop-offs)
19. How can I make my website faster? There are many WordPress Plugins, Google tools, and resizing images that help.
20. Are 3 or 6-month contracts necessary. No, unless you’re a big business you should not be under any contract. Have them earn your business each month as you have to.
21. How long does it take for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to work? 1-month to show progress and 3 months to show new results, which grow each month thereafter.
I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail and I will try and respond to it in 24 hours.
More in the marketing industry needs to be done to root out phonies that make empty promises, show confusing results and many times are not doing what they should or know-how to.
I understand everyone will not agree with my points, so I hope this is helpful for those who do.
Focused clarity, simply for results!
Jerry Hall | Naperville IL
SEM “be found”
Where not done until you’re on page one!
Google-SEO Consulting & Services
Woods and looking at a tree. What does your marketing look like?

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